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NEW 150 x 1 w HIGH POWERED LED Street Lights available soon!

Introducing a viable replacement to the current inefficient street lights that are around us.

This revolutionary new product utilizes High Powered LEC's to take street lighting to the next generation.

Constructed of high quality die cast aluminum, coated with "Rain Coat", a new highly durable paint, designed to be cohesive with nature itself, every rain drop will wash the street light keeping it clean and beautiful. Easily adaptable to existing street light poles and existing electrical systems, this new product can be implemented on any scale. Solar powered systems are also available for areas where there is ample sunshine to harness, store and use. Intelligent systems enable automatic self-switching between stored solar energy use and direct electrical connection depending on the battery level.

LEC High Powered Street Light's are designed for any application, will significantly reduce electricity costs and will outlast ALL High Pressure Street Lights. For further information please contact

MSTL01 LED Street Light

MSTL01 - more information.   

MSTL02 Solar LED Street Light

MSTL02 - more information. 

  MSTL03 LED Street Light

MSTL03 - more information.

   MSTL04 Solar LED Street Light

MSTL04 - more information.  

  MSTL05 LED Street Light

MSTL05 - more information.  

 MSTL06 Solar LED Street Light

MSLT06 - more information.

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