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I-Panel is a revolutionary white LEC (Commonly know as LED's) based product designed for both commercial and domestic applications.

I-Panel is specifically designed to replace inefficient Mercury containing Fluorescent Lay-ins. Since the 1970's millions of these units have been installed around the world, they are in our workplace and at our home. We believe that Fluorescent is not a Green Product, because it contains poisonous Mercury. In parts of Europe, it is now illegal to dispose of regular fluorescent tubes, the same way that other light bulbs are put in the trash. Fluorescent tubes we believe will in the future be treated like asbestos, a harmful toxic product. Fluorescent may be cheap to purchase, but in the future, we will all pay the price

Green Building is the future. I-Panel is 100% Eco-friendly. I-Panel is even brighter than regular fluorescent's, and last a lot longer. Take a look at our Comparison Example.

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